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Living With Health Challenges
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Tad Kershner

Body Double

Sometimes, bodies are just gross. Pimples and hair in new places are only the beginning. Often, you can't control what your body does. You might wish you were taller or shorter, bulkier or thinner-or maybe you face difficult physical challenges every day. Everyone is different, and you and the guys around you are all changing at different rates. You can't trade your body for a different one-but with a few attitude checks, you won't need to.

Handling pressure at school or on the field. Going through a growth spurt-or not. Dealing with parents, friends, classmates, teachers, and coaches. Starting-and ending-relationships. Just trying to fit in. When did life suddenly get so intense? A Guy's Guide covers issues that preteen and teen guys deal with every day. True-to-life stories and problems pair with real advice in this series designed to tell it like it is and to help you take action. Because sometimes, everyone needs an assist.

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Great for Boys and Men:"The examples are dramatic and engaging. The advice is useful. The questions are deeply thought provoking. Although I am not a teacher or a counselor, it's easy to see that this book can inspire many productive classroom discussions. I wish I had such a book when I was in grade school and high school. Reading it helped me think about issues that bugged me during that time of my life. It got me thinking about how those issues affected the rest of my life and how they might be affecting me now. It would be great if every guy of any age read even a chapter or two of this book.
Well worth buying for understanding the boys around you and the boy in you. If you happen to write
young adult fiction, this is a great reference and inspiration." - Mark Martino

Much needed resource:"As a Middle and High School Librarian, I can say this is a much needed resource.
Author, Tad Kershner, addresses subjects that preteen and teenage boys may want to discuss but may not feel
comfortable doing so. The subjects are addressed tastefully, yet in language teens can relate to. Tad's personal
messages at the end of each chapter add a "human" aspect to the issues. The fact that "real life" stories are used
for the subjects discussed allows teens to relate to the stories. Several teachers and students previewed the book
and said, "We want this book in the library! "Two thumbs up!" - Beverley Minarich


An interview with Tad Kershner about Body Double.


Body Double now on sale at Powell's Books,, or Barnes&Noble

Living With ADHD

The world is a busy, distracting place. Just walking down the street, you may hear threads of other conversations, music, a television, sirens and car alarms - never mind all the stuff going on inside your own head. Our brains have filters for tuning all of this out and helping us focus on the important things. But what if these filters don't work perfectly all the time? That could mean ADHD. Dealing with this diagnosis doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds. This all-inclusive guide examines how to stay on top of ADHD and come out ahead. (For teens)

Book one of the "Living With Health Challenges" Series, Living with ADHD features fictional narratives paired with firsthand advice from a medical expert to help preteens and teenagers feel prepared for dealing with ADHD during adolescence.

Other books in the series include "Living with Autism" by Megan Atwood, "Living With Cancer" by Genevieve T. Slomski, "Living with Celiac Disease" by Dale-Marie Bryan, "Living with Diabetes" by MK Ehrman, "Living with Epilepsy" by Sara Cohen Christopherson, and "Living with Food Allergies" by Carol Hand


Living With ADHD now on sale at Amazon. Series Page at Abdo Publishing